New Projects in Kinkless

I redid all my Projects today in [Kinkless][kgtd]. The funny thing was, after I finished, and before I got to writing this post, [Merlin][43] wrote about his [Kinkless][kgtd] contexts. Kind of weird.

###The First Attempt

I started a new [kGTD][kgtd] document some time back and have struggled with keeping up with it. My original document never did suit the way that I work, so I tried better organizing my projects and figured I’d start with a new document, just in case i went back to the old one.

I started putting all of my little projects and single actions under broader project headings. I had [NHCC][nhcc], [Lake Aurora][la], [FCYC][fcyc], and several others. Each of those had sub projects and then under those sub projects were actual single Next Actions and some *small* projects in the sense that GTD defines a project.

But there was a problem. I took a step back, looked at my progress, and noticed that I had basically categorized everything. Instead of giving them a project, I had given them a box.

Some of you might be thinking, no problem, but one of my huge loves of the GTD system in general is contexts. Actions don’t need categories, they need contexts.

###The Solution

Well, today I had a breakthrough. I don’t remember if it was one of those shower ideas, or if it came later, but I now have three big projects with sub projects and single actions under those. One of the reasons I had gone with the first plan was my determination not to have *singletons*. *Singletons* are what [Ethan][kgtd] calls single Next Actions that have no project. In Ethan’s plans for [Kinkless][kgtd], it seems he intended for everything to have a project home. Nothing should be left by itself. Initially I agreed with him and strove to rectify the problem by just projecting and sub-projecting everything. But I ended up still having singletons.

So now I have just **Three Projects**. I have lots of sub projects, of course, but only three main projects. I could probably whittle it down to two, and might still, but it will remain 3 for now.

**Big Projects** is my main project category for projects that need major planning and tracking. These are the things that are projects in real life, not just in a GTD sense. These are the huge chunks that get then broken down into sub-projects and sub-sub-projects and might take many days/weeks/months to complete.

* Buy Car
* Write Book
* Take over world

These are the kinds of things that take multiple steps and each step is a project unto itself.

**GTD Projects** is the “project” for everything that is a project by GTD definition. GTD says that *anything that takes more than one physical step to complete* is a project. That works great for thinking through the GTD work-flow, but that definition clogs up my *real* projects if I didn’t sub-categorize. So now these things, that might just be 2 or 3 steps but have the same amount of planning necessary as buy milk, can stay out of my global domination plans.

The last “project” is **Singletons**. I hate the word and long to see [Ethan’s][kgtd] next release that hopefully addresses this with more grace (or at least a better name), but this is home for all my single step Next Actions.

I could probably combine Singletons and GTD Projects and might in the future. The only difference between the two is the number of steps it takes to accomplish the task. Instead of moving it to a different project, making a single action into a Project with Sub-projects is just a quick tab, so I see this as an inevitable step.

As far as I can tell, [Kinkless][kgtd] was written to be a project planner within the GTD framework. It does a great job of that, but it does not handle single Next Actions with quite the same ease. But one of the rules of GTD is to have a single Trusted System. For me, the work-flow necessary to utilize [kGTD][kgtd] for Project planning and use something else for the rest of my Next Actions was unreasonable. My big project headings seem to be a great solution to keeping the [kGTD][kgtd] framework out of the way of a useful Trusted System.

###Other Stuff

I would love to talk more about things like contexts, but in light of [Merlin’s post][43p] from earlier, I think I will be reworking those in the not to distant future. Maybe next week.

[kgtd]: “Kinkless”
[43]: “”
[nhcc]: “New Horizons Christian Church”
[la]: “Lake Aurora Christian Camp”
[fcyc]: “Florida Christian Youth Convention”

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