How Well Do You Treat The Nobodys?

[Merlin Mann][43] wrote yesterday about how smart CEO’s watch the way other people treat waiters to determine character. How well someone treats the CEO is irrelevant in measuring character, since everyone treats the CEO well, but how well the same person treats a waiter or busboy speaks volumes about their character.

It made me think, though, of a time my wife and I were checking out a nice hotel in the Orlando area. We were making plans for our wedding and honeymoon and someone had told us about a wedding shop at this resort. While we were there we thought we’d check and see what it would cost to stay there for a night or two while on our honeymoon. The response we got was something to the effect of maybe we should look into another hotel.

I’ve always been the type to wear shorts and a t-shirt when hanging around. I do most of my shopping that way since most of my shopping is done during liesure time. It really speaks volumes of how interested in customers a company really is when they treat me differently because of the clothes that I wear. I think most churches have gotten beyond this by now, but I’m sure some are still turning people away from the message of Christ over clothing.


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