The Of Commercialization…of the Church

Guy Kawasaki wrote an article last week (or so) about the correct way to commercialize a scientific endeavor. (Check it out here). A couple of points he made I think really apply to Churches who find themselves in the same position. In particular, I really liked the part about “sunk” costs. Bottom line, If you have already sunk the cost into something (software, curriculum, sermon, etc…), why would you turn around and sell it to other churches. The point of creating that something to begin with was to further the kingdom (I assume, and maybe it wasn’t and that is where I am losing you), so why not turn it over to the kingdom and let God get the glory.

Just my 2 cents and Guy has some other points to make. Keep in mind that his points are related to the business world and not to Churches in general.

The Art Of Commercialization by Guy Kawasaki

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