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Chris Marsden is a future focused leader, creative, & mentor. Join him on the adventure as we create the future.


Slow Down

Sometimes, momentum is a great thing. You dream of momentum. You pray for momentum. You look at that guy down the road and wish you had the momentum he does. Other times, momentum is going to take you through the guard rail and over the cliff. Really, you just need to slow down. Right now […]

Where Am I Going?

I think the biggest question I’ve been getting with the news of my upcoming transition is “where are you going?” The short answer is… nowhere. My job is changing, but my family and I will still be right here in Orlando, connected to a lot of the same things as we are now. But what […]

When A Week Just Evaporates

So maybe you heard about this “little” storm named Irma. Originally, Irma was heading to the East side of our state. And then… it was headed right for us. The eye was literally going to be just a few miles from our house. As a class 3+ hurricane. So we packed our bags (and our […]

If Only I Had ALL the Answers

I got caught up reading a Pastor’s coaching site tonight on team leadership. He had some really good thoughts and good ideas. But it also seemed like he had ALL the answers. At one point he said, “I tell all the pastor’s I coach…” If the sentence had ended with they should pray regularly, then […]

The Right Tool

“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” ― Mark Twain I don’t know about you, but there have been way too many moments in life where I’ve used a hammer to bang on something that needed a much gentler touch. Or worse… used some random tool (or rock) to try and […]