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Chris Marsden is a future focused leader, creative, & mentor. Join him on the adventure as we create the future.


A Slow Upgrade/Update

I began updating the site a while back, in anticipation of some new content, and an updated approach to the “projects” focused aspect of almost everything I do outside of my GCMI hat. The goal… a fresh coat of paint and new content rolling out afterwards. The reality… I’m still painting. But tired of waiting […]

Helping Others Helps Everyone

Over the last year I’ve jumped into a few *small* projects to help a friend or potential client get to the Next Level. Some of them were easy – some not so much. But at each opportunity to jump in and help, I found myself stretching and growing and being lifted up to that Next […]

Day 1

Happy New Year! I know… I know. That was earlier this week. But this week has been mostly cleaning things up from last year and get things ready for next year (this year). And so really… Today feels a bit like the last day of 2018 and maybe Monday is the beginning of the new […]

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like 2019

I don’t know about your year… but 2018 has flown by in the Marsden house. I transitioned out of a role, and off a staff team, that I had been serving on,  for almost 9 years. I jumped into a new and exciting role with a Missions Agency. We drove over 5000 miles to and […]

End of Summer

Every year I feel this mad rush to hurry up and kids (and my wife) back to school. They’re home all summer and the hit to my rhythm and routine makes me long for back to school. But then, a few weeks later, comes the actual end of summer. With Labor Day comes the shift […]