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Chris Marsden is a future focused leader, creative, & mentor. Join him on the adventure as we create the future.


End of Summer

Every year I feel this mad rush to hurry up and kids (and my wife) back to school. They’re home all summer and the hit to my rhythm and routine makes me long for back to school. But then, a few weeks later, comes the actual end of summer. With Labor Day comes the shift […]

Last Day

This past Sunday was, officially, my last day at Kensington Church. This season definitely represents a significant chunk of my professional life. Just shy of 8 years according to my official HR start date. Almost 9 years since I met Kevin and jumped into the unknown. Wow! At the end of both services Sunday Kevin […]

Only 3 Days Left

Maybe that’s what your kids said to you walking out the door this morning. “Only 3 School Days Left!” And here in Orange County, FL, that’s actually true. Only 3 school days left until Summer. But I’m sitting here in my office for the last time. Tomorrow I’ve got some things to sort and some […]


I really can’t believe it’s already 2018. Five years ago I sat down with some friends and mapped out the coming decade. Some of it was dreaming and speculation. Some of it was just the concrete facts of what was happening in the coming years. 2018 was a big one. In 2018, I turn 40. […]

Slow Down

Sometimes, momentum is a great thing. You dream of momentum. You pray for momentum. You look at that guy down the road and wish you had the momentum he does. Other times, momentum is going to take you through the guard rail and over the cliff. Really, you just need to slow down. Right now […]