This┬áSpring has been full of a lot of small movements – course corrections, really. A little to the left. A little to the right. What’s that over there? Nope. Back on course.

If you’ve ever taken a boat out to sea you know there are lots of small movements and slow speeds as you maneuver out of the harbor and head towards open waters. At some point, though, you raise your sails or open your throttle and it’s full speed ahead. This moment, ultimately, is what being on the water is all about.

This time last year there was a ton of details up in the air. It has definitely been a year of rough seas and a lot of course corrections. It finally feels like we’re heading out under the final bridge with open water in sight. It is time to sail.


BTW… I know this post is short on details. I’m literally picturing countless sailing trips out of Clearwater harbor sailing between Clearwater Beach on the right and Sand Key Beach on the left. Often we’d head to the right, but sometimes we went left and sometimes we just sailed outward until the sounds of the beach and the boat traffic subsided. The destination was rarely the point.