I don’t know about you, but I look forward to summer, every year. Even in Florida where I know it is going to be HOT and crowded, I can’t wait until summer. I get pictures of hammocks and lemonade and long lazy days. Even within our organization, people are talking about a slower pace and people being out of town.

IMG_1505Then Summer comes. The kids are home, my wife is off work for a couple months, and my todo list hits 90mph. Every Summer. And yet, as I approach summer each year, I still get this picture of hammocks and lazy days at the beach. Something must be wrong with me.

We are almost done with this summer. And by this point in the year, I am ready for it to be over. Every Summer. Seriously. It is time for my people to get back to their routine so I can get back to mine. Such a small thing, but this time of year just kills my sleep habits and regular routines.

But here’s the secret, and why I’m posting this today (for my brain). Next summer is going to be even busier. Three or four projects culminate between June and August next year. My 20th anniversary is next June. There is a possibility (very slim) that we look for a new place to live nearby. It is going to be a VERY busy summer.

So in August, I’m taking my days off and taking advantage of the small gap before fall hits hard and fast. The school year may be rapidly approaching, but there’s still time for some slow lazy days to just chill and read.