I got caught up reading a Pastor’s coaching site tonight on team leadership. He had some really good thoughts and good ideas. But it also seemed like he had ALL the answers. At one point he said, “I tell all the pastor’s I coach…” If the sentence had ended with they should pray regularly, then sure, every pastor needs to know that. But it was the kind of logistical minutiae that he couldn’t possible know that his way was the best way for every church in the country.

But as someone who regularly works with leaders and regularly tries to sell my coaching and training services, I really wish I could generalize like he does. As a sales tactic it’s kind of amazing. Do this one thing and I guarantee results. I mean secretly, behind the scenes, I’d probably personalize some of what we do together, but out front and publicly, just click the magic button, join my course, and do exactly what I say. It’s like printing money.

But in reality, while that benefits me, I kind of prefer my approach to “answers”. Because the answer for you – that magic bullet that is going to unlock your leadership – looks a little different than for the pastor at the church down the street. And as a matter of fact, your congregations look a little different, too. And your worship style. So while the core principles that drive the “curriculum” of my coaching might stay the same from person to person, the application often needs to be a unique creation as we unpack the uniqueness of the individuals talents and circumstances.

Of course, if you want to write me a bigger check, I could probably dig up a “secret-formula” for you. Just don’t look to closely at that guarantee.