So maybe you heard about this “little” storm named Irma. Originally, Irma was heading to the East side of our state. And then… it was headed right for us. The eye was literally going to be just a few miles from our house. As a class 3+ hurricane.

So we packed our bags (and our cat) and headed north.

In the end, it was probably not “necessary”. We did have a big tree come down in the driveway that could have easily been the garage. But in the meantime, a week went by. Poof. Evaporated.

So it’s now week three of September. And I’m finally getting some stuff done that I had slated for week one (Labor Day and hurricane shopping had already derailed me a bit).

The good news… when you’ve got some good systems in place, a little hiccup isn’t really a derailing of the plans. It’s just a hiccup and you keep moving towards the goals. Stay tuned over the next couple days. I’m catching up quickly and we’re changing the world around here.