Sometimes, momentum is a great thing. You dream of momentum. You pray for momentum. You look at that guy down the road and wish you had the momentum he does. Other times, momentum is going to take you through the guard rail and over the cliff. Really, you just need to slow down.

Right now I’m feeling that momentum start to build. We’re not quite there yet. We’re not going too fast, yet. But I’m not sure if all the wheels are on straight and we’re starting to get going. And if I don’t slow down, it won’t be long before the only way will will slow down is to crash. And start over.

So I’m slowing down (a little), taking a breath, and making sure everything is in tip-top shape ready for a good long run. And then hold on. Because we’ll be going hard and fast for a while, after that. But first, I got to slow down.

Maybe you do, too. Take a day off, breath deep, slow down, and rejoin the race ready to run, better than ever.