Every year I feel this mad rush to hurry up and kids (and my wife) back to school. They’re home all summer and the hit to my rhythm and routine makes me long for back to school.

But then, a few weeks later, comes the actual end of summer. With Labor Day comes the shift away from beach days and barbecues to football, and that modern seasonal signifier, pumpkin spice.

Growing up in Florida, the whole seasonal rhythms mean a lot less than they might in a cooler climate. We don’t get the leaves changing, and the weather doesn’t really turn until October or November, but they is definitely still that bittersweet feeling of the loss of the slow days of summer and the return to busyness.

And that’s the temptation. Mourn the loss. The end of something passing. But the better choice, is to celebrate the new thing that is being birthed. A new season, for new productivity, new adventures, and it’s own joys.

I think this summer, more than others is feeling extra nostalgic. In May I wrapped up 8+ years of serving with Kensington Church. It’s the end of an era. But new things are on the horizon. And I can’t wait for the new adventures to begin.