About Chris


My name is Chris Marsden.

I’m a creative guy who is obsessed with helping people move into the future with purpose. Through individual and team coaching, workshops and retreats, I help people identify their talents and passions and develop a plan for the future with an eye towards intentional leadership. If this sounds like something that could benefit you or your team, check out my training page.

A future focused leader. I’m the Director of Operations and Communications at Global City Mission Initiative. A mostly made up title that means I’m focused on developing systems to help us operate more effectively behind the scenes and working to expand our impact and influence in the world. Find out more at chrismarsden.com/GCMI

I’m also a husband, a father of 3 girls, a follower of Jesus, a lover of coffee, and a paper-obsessed/digitally-addicted #gtd junky. I likes to take photos, play the bass, and play with tools and wood in my garage, as often as possible. For the last (almost) 9 years, I’ve been on staff with Kensington Church, primarily working with the production team and worship arts (but wearing a bunch of different hats in the process).

You can sometimes find me #Backstage at Voxtropolis & The IMN.

My Strengths Finder Top 5 are Ideation, Adaptability, Command, Maximizer, & Relator.

My Meyers-Brigg Profile is ENTP.

Want to Connect? You can find me on Twitter or Linked In.